Toilet Cleaning | Chemical Wash

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Toilet Cleaning Services Singapore

It is not a pleasant experience to use a dirty, clogged up toilet. Hiring general part-time helpers to clean your house toilets every week may not be efficient as general cleaning may not be enough to remove the grime and dirt accumulated through the months.

Therefore a Chemical Wash session is a better solution for toilet cleaning. 

The Use of Chemicals for Toilet Cleaning

Household toilet cleaning products may not be sufficient to remove the stubborn stains in your toilets. Sure, Magiclean or Mr Muscle may be a great help compared to tap water, however, for stains that has accumulated over time, these cleaning products may not be powerful enough.

If the stains in your toilet has reached a stage where household products are not sufficient, the chemicals we use will be able to help. Deep clean, sanitize and freshen your toilets today!

Leave the Dirty Work to Us!

Toilet Cleaning is a dirty and tiring task, EPIClean staff are experts in this field. Our Toilet Cleaning services extend to all residential homes. A typical toilet cleaning session will take about 1 hour. Our toilet cleaning session includes Chemical Wash of floor tiles - this ensures a deeper clean!

Speak to our team and book your toilet cleaning session now!



The helper from EPIClean is very experienced & efficient. The team is very prompt and helpful with my requests. Highly recommended! 

Hui Yee

Really glad to have engaged Epiclean for a chemical toilet wash! They are on time, super responsive and reasonably priced. Satisfied customer to have stubborn stains removed from toilet! Will engage them again!

Angeline Soh

Due to my work schedule I am always booking last min but EPIClean team is very understanding to my requests & cleaning standard is excellent too!