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Upholstery Cleaning Singapore

It is easy to overlook upholstery cleaning as they are not something which interfere with our lives. Upholstery plays a supportive role in our lives. Our mattress, sofa, chairs and even curtains are considered upholstery.

Most upholstery are covered - we have mattress cover, even trendy sofa covers are a thing now! However as we use them daily, dusts and dirt tends to accumulate beneath the surface through sweat and human contact. The scary thing is the fact that we cannot see these harmful micro-organisms.

When to Clean your Upholstery?

People with sensitive noses will be more aware of when their upholstery gets dirty as their nose will get uncomfortable more often. For the vast majority though, it is too often that only when the issue progresses to bed bugs manifestation or allergic reactions that attention is then paid to upholstery cleaning. 

If you find that your nose gets stuffy more often, unknown and strange bites or lumps on your skin or even blood traces on your covers, the need for upholstery cleaning is overdue. 

Do More than Just Extraction. Do Steam Cleaning!

Upholstery Cleaning service providers in Singapore mostly do only extraction, where the provider runs a chemical on your sheets and extract the dirt out. It may get the job done on the surface, but at EPIClean, we go a step beyond that! 

With our industrial steamer & extractor, you get the best of both worlds. Steam Cleaning not only ensures the Dust and Dirt is extracted from your items, the 170° steam also kills harmful bacteria invisible to the naked eye.

We are Experts in Steam Cleaning

Protect your family from harmful bacteria today using our professional steaming and extraction service is here to serve your needs.

The benëfits of Steam Cleaning include

💧100% non-chemical cleaning technology

💧Safe for babies, young children and pets

💧Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria

💧Remove skin flakes, dust mites, internal dust, faecal matter, bed bugs

💧170° steam

Oh, did we say you can steam clean basically anything? From Mattress to even a computer chair!

upholstery cleaning | steam Cleaning Scope

​Experience CLEAN like never before with our 4 steps deep clean process!

  • Step 1: Shampooing

  • Step 2: Scrubbing

  • Step 3: Extraction

  • Step 4: 170°C Steam Cleaning


Common Types of Upholstery Cleaning


Rugs, Woven, Tufted Carpets of all shapes and sizes!


Sofa Upholstery Cleaning 

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Single, Queen, King Size Mattresses, we keep the bed bugs at bay!


Baby Prams and Strollers are used outdoors, keep your babies safe!

The beauty of on-site curtain cleaning is there's no need to wait a few days!

Babies need a well sanitized and clean environment to have a good sleep!

Upholstery cleaning | steam Cleaning packages

Package A - $148 (5 items)

- Steam Cleaning + Extraction for all mattress, sofa, strollers, carpet, curtains etc

- Max 5 items


Package B - $198 (10 items)

- Steam Cleaning + Extraction for all mattress, sofa, strollers, carpet, curtains etc

- Max 10 items



- Shampoo treatment +$60 per item

- Disinfecting +$88 per household

*For ala carte pricing, contact our Sales Team at 8898 8269

upholstery cleaning | steam Cleaning group-buy pricing

3 household - 5% discount

4-6 household - 10% discount

7-9 household - 15% discount

10 and above household - 20% discount


- Separate invoices will be given to each household


* Highly recommended for new born/ babies/ children

* Highly recommended for commercial premises who uses furnitures/ carpet/ equipment on a daily basis

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