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Sofa Cleaning Services Singapore

Fabric Sofa, Leather Sofa and even Suede Sofas are the most commonly used materials for the first piece of furniture you see when you step into a residence. Sofa Cleaning is therefore tantamount to keeping your family safe. Simply because it is the most frequently used item in a living room and commonly the dirtiest. 

How to Clean a Sofa

Google the question "how to clean a sofa" and many innovative ideas may appear. From leather conditioner for leather sofas, to baking soda for fabric sofa (weird, we concur). These household "hacks" may provide a short term gratification, but when we speak of deep cleaning, sofa cleaning isn't solved simply like that.

Steam Cleaning PLUS Dirt Extracting

EPIClean provides deep cleaning services for your sofa by first extracting the dirt off of your upholstery. Followed by steam cleaning with our latest technology equipment, 170° hot steam kills bacteria and all the micro-organisms invisible to the naked eye. The heat and residue is extracted out leaving a clean and sanitized sofa, ready for the next 3 months of heavy usage.

Pictures and Videos speak a thousand words. Have a look at our before-after gallery of our Sofa Cleaning Services!

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