Oven Cleaning

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Oven Cleaning Services Singapore

Oven, a simple 4 letter word hones such importance to our lives in Singapore. Be it during large family gatherings, a romantic dinner, or even for some of us running home baking businesses. An oven is of so much importance to us. Isn’t it amazing how a variety of delicacies can be made from a rectangular metal box?  While the roasting or heating process might be an enjoyable one, the oven cleaning process – not desired as much isn’t it. The aftermath of a feast? A greasy stove and dirty oven. After multiple attempts to try keeping the oven clean, the amount of grease does not seem to stop appearing. In a blink of an eye your oven has accumulated charred leftovers of your ingredients used.


Oven cleaning is an activity that needs to be performed regularly to ensure your kitchen not only look good but is hygienic. We understand that oven cleaning by yourself will be tiring and time-consuming, so not to worry, EPIClean has got your back!

Home Remedies for Oven Cleaning

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Google Oven Cleaning and popular advises are to use baking soda, vinegar and warm water and let it sit overnight. These remedies might be useful for mild cases, but how often do we have the time to take out the trays and grills and clean the interior of the oven ourselves?

EPIClean Oven Cleaning takes - believe it or not, only 1 hour for typical cases and maximum of 2 hours for serious cases. With us you are assured with effective and efficient oven cleaning. Using the same industrial chemicals we use for our commercial cleaning projects, our application of the chemicals are not only effective, but also safe with our technical expertise.

A "Brand New" Oven within 2 Hours

It may sound impossible to get an oven that has accumulated months of grease to be cleaned in this amount of time. Our answer to that is oven cleaning doesn't require an extremely long time. It just requires the right chemicals and the right tools to get it done. 


The difference between a competent cleaning company like EPIClean compared to others in the industry is the effort we put in every oven. Each oven cleaning project is a challenge and we are determined to conquer. Trust us when we say we've heard horror stories of some oven cleaning services who give up too easily, or even worse, charge an exorbitant amount.

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The Demand for Oven Cleaning

With the boom in home bakery and more small home businesses, not only has the demand for oven and baking resources gone through the roof. Oven cleaning services are in great demand as well. 

Many customers recognize the importance of keeping the oven clean, minimizing risks associated to a dirty oven such as health risks or even longevity of the appliance. When you look for oven cleaning, you look for the best. 

The EPIClean team has been the top choice of many who came by and continue to remain as the top choice for oven cleaning. We look forward to become yours too.

Contact our friendly team for assistance for your oven cleaning needs today!

Oven Cleaning Scope

Chemical Wash and Intensive Scrubbing 

  • Oven Interior

  • Trays and Grills

  • Glass Oven Door

  • Oven Exterior


*All our cleaning are chemical cleaning and uses high-grade but non-toxic chemicals.


The helper from EPIClean is very experienced & efficient. The team is very prompt and helpful with my requests. Highly recommended! 

Lee Seok Ling

I have very high expectations for my house cleaning. Tried many companies and helpers but only EPIClean amazed me! Definitely will be staying long term with them as their helpers are brilliant!

Angeline Soh

Due to my work schedule I am always booking last min but EPIClean team is very understanding to my requests & cleaning standard is excellent too!