Curtain Cleaning | Dry Cleaning | Steam Cleaning


In Singapore's hot and humid climate, curtains are easily dirtied. They are usually the most overlooked item when it comes to cleaning.


In a property transaction, regardless if you are a landlord, tenant or property agent, there will be a need to fulfill the contract terms to have the curtains cleaned and also to account to the other party involved.

EPIClean's laundry service is here for your convenience!

Dry Cleaning

Curtains are removed, collected and washed in our factory using industrial grade dry cleaning machines. The curtains are then dried and germ-free. Save your time going to the laundry yourself to get this done! Our turnaround time is also one of the fastest. So when you need dry cleaning services, EPIClean is here for you!

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On-site Steam Cleaning

If turnaround time is not ideal for you. There is an option to do steam cleaning which can be completed in a matter of few hours! Our steaming and extraction machine not only kills bacteria and germs with the steam, it extracts all the dust particles which can remain on your curtains. Providing a further step into detailed cleaning of your curtains. 

CLICK HERE to check out more of our upholstery cleaning services to see how it works! Our steaming packages can provide you with more value for money!


The helper from EPIClean is very experienced & efficient. The team is very prompt and helpful with my requests. Highly recommended! 

Lee Seok Ling

I have very high expectations for my house cleaning. Tried many companies and helpers but only EPIClean amazed me! Definitely will be staying long term with them as their helpers are brilliant!

Angeline Soh

Due to my work schedule I am always booking last min but EPIClean team is very understanding to my requests & cleaning standard is excellent too!