About Us

Commercial Cleaning, Residential Cleaning

We are a licensed cleaning vendor registered with the National Environment Agency (NEA). This means accountability and reliability, we have a reputation to uphold. You can rest assured knowing that we do our best in every assignment.


Your EPIC Cleaning Solution

Think cleaning, think EPIClean. We are specialists at cleaning & disinfecting with a 100% positive track record of satisfied clients. We value every working relationship and strive to create a pleasant, worry-free experience.

Our Story

The Cleaning Industry in Singapore is generally seen to be the "boomers" industry. When cleaning is mentioned in Singapore people picture the older generation to helm the tasks of keeping our offices, food-courts,  shopping malls and retail shops clean. EPIClean was born as a "next generation" professional cleaning company. As our name suggest, we aim to be EPIC, we aim to give you an EPIC Cleaning Experience. Our management is young (at heart) and experienced, our staff are driven and dedicated. 

Commercial Cleaning Experts

Commercial Cleaning includes offices, retail outlets, gyms, food & beverage outlets. As a business ourselves we understand the priorities of your company. Cleaning should play as a supportive role to your business. We're not here to preach the benefits of doing regular cleaning - you already know that. We are here to take this hassle off your hands. 


Residential Cleaning Specialists

EPIClean started off carrying out residential cleaning for tenants moving out of rental properties, landlords leasing out properties and new home owners who just renovated their homes. As our business evolves we remain specialized in residential cleaning with a department dedicated to serve the ever growing need to have good quality cleaning for homes.

Efficient Enquiry Management System

EPIClean booking team works on a 24/7 basis, where all enquiries / issues / messages will be responded in the quickest possible time. Our KPI? Maximum of 1 hour during office hours. For enquiries received past midnight, the latest duration of reply will be first thing in the morning.